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Interactive Touch Screen Displays On Storefront Glass

As our society continues to make the journey towards interactivity, it is important to be sure your marketing does the same. 

Interactive touch screen displays are a great way to begin to move towards the forefront of technology without going too far too fast. Interactive Touch Screen Displays Increase Retail Conversion and Relationship Traditional Displays are comprised of signage, banners and other forms of printed or static graphics. You can also get more info to create your own smart display via

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There is an ever-growing need to provide users with an interactive experience without losing site of traditional marketing methods and best practices. While we are in this transition it is of utmost importance that we do not alienate or frustrate the masses that are just beginning this transition to interactivity.

Interactive touch screen displays provide retailers a tool that is both exciting and educational for consumers. The user is encouraged to "reach out and touch" the window TV display. This is when the magic begins.

Communicating through a touch screen display is non-threatening and easily accepted. The viewers feel as if they are in control of the marketing that is going on and therefore let down their guard.

Interactive touch screen displays have quickly become a must have for trade-shows, corporate lobby displays, way-finding in public buildings, portable and stationary sales presentations, retail storefronts and more. Determine that you will not be left out of this very real transition in local retail traffic marketing. 

There are several different types of touch screen technologies available, including through-glass touch screen films on Infrared IR Bezels,glass, single touch, dual touch with a variety of touch points etc. 

Because multi-touch technology is not a standard option, it is recommended that you verify that the technology you are considering for purchase in is in fact "True Multi-Touch Touch Screen" and not dual touch, etc.