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Important Things You Should Know About Spanish Wine

Today Spain is thriving in the wine world with nearly 70 wine regions. Spanish wine exports have almost doubled in the past five years – perhaps because Spain is producing more new world-class wines than ever before and Spain also has some of the best wine values.

Currently, the control over quality control by Spanish regulatory authorities is more stringent than in other European wine-producing countries. You can also check for the best spanish wine via the web.

Spanish Wine

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Rioja is the oldest wine region in Spain with official wine production dating back to the 12th century. The epitome of fine Spanish red wine for generations, Rioja can still be amazing.

Ribera del Duero and Rioja were the twin peaks of Spanish wine until the 1990s. But other parts of Spain are now also questioning their dominance in the wine world.

Priory wine in Catalonia has become the most expensive wine in Spain. In this rugged mountainous region, about 80 km southwest of Barcelona, this grape's popularity stems from its ability to impart the strength and ripeness commonly associated with Californian and Australian wines.

More than 150 different red and white grape varieties are currently being vinified in Spain. Red wine is the most famous in Spain and white wine is late but has improved dramatically in recent years. 

A white wine made from Albarino grapes in the northwestern region of Rias Baixas offers a beautiful blend of ripe fruit and refreshing acidity.