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Importance of Churches and Cathedrals in English Society

Churches and Cathedrals play a major role in British social life. In addition to being a place of worship, they also serve as an important landmark for great historical events. They also serve as a center for religious and Christian unity from all parts of the church a visit on Sunday to worship the Almighty.

It also serves as a regional meeting and evokes a sense of unity among the people when they were all gathered together. You can browse to learn more about Christian beliefs.

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Historical Background:

Church and the Cathedral have been paramount in England for several centuries now. English cathedral can be traced back to 400 years, while the oldest English church more than 1300 years old. The oldest English church was built in 654 AD while the oldest parish church was built in 670 AD.

Three types of churches built in the past. They are "The Cathedral Church", "The Collegiate Church" and "The Local Church". In accordance with the hierarchical system of the cathedral is the highest authority and is described as the mother church of the churches while the college is under the second level and is also referred to as a daughter church.

Finally, there are local churches that persons in the organization and held by the bishop or by a community association.  Most of the church was built in the shape of a cross. There is a large rectangle with two side rooms.