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How Victorian Christmas Celebrated

Many of the Christmas traditions and practices that we value most can be traced back to the Victorian era, which covers the entire duration of the decision of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. During this period the country has experienced something of the emergence of his former Puritan bans on extravagant celebrations.

Naturally, people rather exuberantly embraced their newly joyous and flamboyant celebrations, spawning a host of traditions. Many of the most popular Victorian traditions are still very much in practice today. Get more information about Christmas celebrations, through

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Perhaps one of the most popular Victorian Christmas traditions that are still observed today is sending Christmas cards. The practice of sending printed Christmas cards began in England and was a change in writing then customary greetings by English children to their parents.

Huge success printed cards and enjoyed later became a contagious practice that spreads from England to the rest of the UK and the rest of the world. More than a century later, we still send Christmas cards by the truckload to destinations worldwide.

The Christmas tree was not a British innovation, but the story is that the German husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, introduced the Christmas tree and Germany the UK in the years 1840 become even more popular Windsor Castle, the spread of the popularity of the tree quickly, the United States than ever in England, and now the Christmas tree is practically synonymous with Christmas, although were banned by Puritans as being too pagan in its symbolism.