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How To Prepare Yourself For Ultra Music Festival

 One of the most anticipated music festivals in the world is the ultra music festival sound system. Many will dare to travel miles away just to experience the unforgettable fun of this event. This is the ideal gigantic party for everyone who loves EDM or just simply having fun under the sun. This three day festival is visited by tons of people. It feels like the ultra music festival sound system is not enough to cover the entire crowd.

This marvelous annual event had gathered a lot of artists and DJs to quench your thirst for EDM music. To help you get the best experience for this festival, a survival guide is made for all the participants. You would not want to waste your time there and come unprepared. Last year, there is this girl who came with her best friend and wore the wrong clothes. They were wearing flip flops, no powerbanks, no bags, and no sunscreen in hand. Both of them were unfit for it.

First, do not bring a huge backpack. UMF security personnel will check the bags by the gates. There are prohibited types of bag which you cannot bring in the venue. You may opt to bring with you see through bags or a camelbak. You might think that a camelbak is just another bag to bring, but is actually the latter. When you are in a festival, it is important for you to stay hydrated.

You would be under the scorching sun of Miami and sweat hard. Best thing about this bag is it can your water while do your own twerking business down there. You can purchase this goodie at your sports outlet or in the nearest camping store in your community. They have a variety of cool colors sufficient enough to hold water and carry few snacks in its pocket.

Take the public transportation. Whether you like it or not, opt for the public transit as it is the best and most efficient thing to do when going and leaving the festival. If you bring your own vehicle, parking nearby the festival will cost more than twenty dollars a day. Another inconvenience when you bring cars, traffic jams are almost impossible to survive. You can park in Metrorails or Metromover, or hope on them to save you costly expenses.

Carry sunscreen. Apart from wearing sunscreen before heading to the festival, it is also important to apply more even when you are there. Note that you would be parting in an open space. There will be lesser shade for you to hide under. This event would really make you get along with the heat of the sun. Your skin should be protected to prevent you from severe sunburns and tan lines.

Plot a plan. Amongst those seven stages and tons of performers, you would want to be exactly where your admired artists are. Before barging into any of the gates, ensure that you have check the line ups prior to their performance to avoid missing it. The average set revolves around an hour and some may even extend another 30 minutes. Just do not be afraid to hop around to the nearby stages and enjoy your favorite artists.

Clothe yourself appropriately. As stated earlier, come prepared. Know that Ultra will be a wild and hot party. Ensure that you wear something right for the theme and weather. A shirt and shorts are always good to go apparels. Also, wear sneakers or rubber shoes which you can take for being dirty. Bring with you a pair of sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and face.

Be nice and kind. If you decided to go to music festivals as huge as this, be understanding to the people around you. People there have different taste of music. They have their own dance moves which may vary to what you like. Be reminded that this is a fiesta of dance music where everyone should be delighted and accepted of who they are.