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How To Make Shou Sugi Ban Wood Siding

Shou sugi ban is an ancient Japanese method for waterproofing and maintaining timber. It involves charring the cedar timber surface until it turns black. 

Even though shou sugi ban originated for the purpose of waterproofing timber, it's become popular as a rustic, textural design component within the house. To get more information about Shou sugi ban pine you can visit

Shou Sugi Ban Wood Siding

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To obtain a consistent-looking final finish you need to be very precise. The torch should be passed at the same rate and placed at the same distance from the wood to achieve a uniform burn. This can also be achieved using coals in the fire, but it will probably lead to a more inconsistent final finish.

Still important, but much less simple to screw-up would be to reduce carbon dioxide. Maintain pressure on the brush as well and go with the grain. This step can help you get back to the desired color if you brush them a bit more, and burn a little in places.

When oiling the wood, spread it evenly across the surface using a rag or brush (going with the grain naturally ). Wipe off the excess and allow it to dry; another coating of petroleum at this time is suggested.

You would have to be fine with small variations in consistency and color if you would like to try yourself, but if you truly need it uniform in color, it's best purchased from an expert maker.