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How To Get Rid Of Possums Fast And Permanently

Getting rid of possums usually only takes a few days, whether you're working with a professional or setting aside a dedicated amount of time to do-it-yourself possum removal. This allows time to catch or wait to evacuate any existing possums, and then a few hours or days to take precautions. The exact schedule will depend on the possum, the size of your property, and the effort required to eliminate the factors that attract the animals.

To ensure a quick and successful home improvement move, you need to pay close attention to the areas where possums may be. Extensive opossum prevention leads to almost complete opossum elimination within a few days. However, you can also hire a professional possum catcher in Penrith via so as to effectively eliminate your possum.


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Various methods of opossum removal and prevention include:


Possibly through commercial and do-it-yourself methods, catching opossums involves catching them with traps and bait. The opossums are then released to safety. Interception can take several days while you wait for the opossum to fall into the trap.

Habitat Management:

Opossums forage for fruit, vegetables, small animals and animal remains for food. You'll also need a sheltered space to build a temporary hideout. If your garden provides it, they may be tempted to stop there. Identifying and removing these areas will make possums less likely.


Natural and chemical repellants can complement other opossum control methods with smells and tastes that opossums don't like. They are harmless, but rather act on the basis of the fearsome opossum. Repellents usually work right away, although they often need to be applied regularly to stay effective.