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How To Get Private Money For Real Estate Investing

You know that the first three steps to get private money for real estate investing is developing a business plan, creating a lender to provide private funds and develop a Security Agreement. These steps are very important to explain your proposal to whom you will be lending money.

Your Business Plan, Lender Fact Sheet and Security Agreement has almost all the raw materials you will need to make your presentation which will be delivered to the potential lender. The outline of your presentation should be as follows:

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Part I – Introduction – A brief history of you and your investment activities.

Part II – Portfolio – A representative sample of the offers that you have. Include a photo and financial details of the transaction which is indicative of the types of deals you usually do.

Part III – Your Lender LI – Expanding the fact sheet and includes all the benefits for the lender. Including, what they can expect, how much you might borrow, how often will you put money to work for them? Why should they want to lend private money for real estate investing?

Part IV – Your Security Agreement – How will their interests be protected, what security they have for loan money for your real estate transactions?

Part V – The Close – Have some kind of commitment from them, the commitment to lend, or follow-up appointments.

When you are developing your presentation, take into account the tool you are most comfortable with. For example, PowerPoint is a great tool. It will help you to build an amazing presentation.