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How to Fix Dry Eyes When Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses have become the method of choice for many people when it comes to correcting vision problems. Once you can find a comfortable pair of contacts and master the process of putting them in and take them out, they offer several advantages over glasses. 

Since contact lenses fit directly on your eyeballs, you will enjoy a more natural field of vision than glasses. 

One aspect of wearing contact lenses that many people do not like is the increased incidence of dry eye. You can know more about dry eyes and dry eye therapy via or various other online sources.

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One of the more common complaints from those who wear contacts is to have dry eyes as a result of wearing them. Of course, it does not make sense to take your contact lenses out or stop taking them altogether because of dry eyes. 

Itching and burning of dry eye are not fun, but you can take steps to keep your eyes moist and well-lubricated while you are wearing contact lens. Sometimes, wearing contact lenses affect the ability of your eyes to make tears, which is one way to keep your eyes naturally moist. 

You should also try some different contact lens tips to help keep your eyes moist and comfortable. If drought is a persistent problem use eye drops to fix it. 

Using good contact lens hygiene and follow the manufacturer's instructions closely is another way to keep dryness at bay. Some people want to try and stretch each use to save money, but it can cause irritation, infection, or dryness in your eyes.

If you have dry eyes while wearing contacts and you can not get rid of it no matter what you try, contact your eye doctor.