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How to Choose Rattan Coffee Tables

Rattan coffee tables are made using a rattan, wicker or a cane. This material is usually processed by hand, resulting in the unique designs and shapes. There are many different types of rattan that are used in making coffee tables, such as Brazilian rattan, American rattan, Chinese rattan, Indian rattan and Bajan rattan. The rattan is processed through three processes:

First, the wicker is prepared by treating it with oil and then applying sand paper to remove all loose ends. Sanding removes sharp edges so that the piece will be able to withstand being polished. After this process, the rattan coffee tables are ready for use. They can either be finished using a clear sealer on the surface or be left natural and untreated.

Once the tables are ready for use, they are first oiled and then painted with a vegetable-based color. This will make the furniture to blend in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room. A clear sealer can be used to protect the furniture from any liquids or dust that might affect its finish. If the tables are to be used indoors, water based varnish can be applied over the finish to prevent damage during use.

Some tables are sold with ornamental features like cutouts and embellishments. These pieces are made from genuine wicker and have a finish that can be sealed. These tables are available in different sizes, from small ones that measure only 9 inches high to large ones that measure 18 inches high. Some of these tables may also have legs.

In choosing coffee tables, there are two styles that are popular today. One is the coastal style which includes wicker that is woven in with other materials. The other style is the European style in which the wicker is left out in the open. These wicker rattan coffee tables are very attractive and add a touch of style and class to any room.

One important factor to consider when purchasing these pieces is the weight capacity. Each unit may weigh up to five hundred pounds. Higher units may cost more but you have to consider not just the weight capacity but the cost of installation as well. There are tables that cost up to one thousand dollars and more. Make sure to do your homework thoroughly before purchasing. The proper size should be chosen depending on the size of the room where it will be placed.

Some of the table top designs come with shelves and drawers under the table. These additional pieces can be purchased separately. The type of wood used can determine the number of drawers available under the table. Wicker tables generally have two to three drawers, while solid wood ones can have four or more depending on the design. Most of them measure about eighteen inches high, and sometimes longer. The most common measurements are between sixteen and eighteen inches wide.

Rattan coffee tables are available in a variety of prices. The more expensive ones are made from a hardwood while the cheaper ones are usually made from a mixture of different materials. The cheaper ones can be made from tropical hardwood such as mango wood, which can also be stained in colors. Wicker tables can be made in a variety of finishes, ranging from natural and white to bright paint colors. There are even some styles that have a raised lip on the bottom to give protection from water damage and spills.

A table that is made from all-weather wicker can either be left unfinished or finished in a variety of natural finishes. This furniture is very easy to clean and maintain. You can leave it outside all year long and never have to worry about it being damaged by rain or snow. If you want to bring it inside to keep it protected during the winter months, simply add cushions to the seats and you'll instantly turn this all-weather furniture into an indoor dining area.

If you're looking for a table top that has a more polished finish, you should purchase one that is made from a combination of wicker and natural material. A table top that is made from all-weather wicker and a natural finish will look very similar, but it will have slightly different characteristics. For example, a table top made from all-weather rattan will have a smoother finish than one made from natural materials, and the legs of such a table top will have a rounded shape rather than a sharp edge.

Rattan coffee tables are usually available in three different qualities. All-weather rattan is available in various weights; there is no specific weight range for the product. The higher the weight capacity, the thicker the piece will be. And the wider the table top, the heavier it will be. You should choose the weight capacity that best suits your needs.