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How Important It Is For Your Church To Have An Identity?

The basic principle of this entry is about identity and how we must understand that we, as individuals and as organizations (ie church). I believe it is a serious challenge with implications capitals. So let's see if we can begin to understand this stuff.

So the questions to be answered are:

What really matters about the identity of a church? There are many contributing factors that tell people what is important and that ultimately defines the identity of a church. See how Churches in Long Island successful to make their identity in the community at

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Probably too much to list in this post.  Here are some of them:

1. Are they meet needs? The church is it right to use or is it trying to understand the needs of the community?

2. Is it a voice in the community? If no one knows or understands your church, maybe this is not the identity that you are drawn

3. As individuals of mind? Does your church to embrace all forms of people? How about belief systems? Are there types that are less than welcome for any reason?

4. Does your church offer an amazing experience? It means different things to different people. But people who are quite just left with this feeling?

We believe that we are all that matters. As such, there is not much room for new ideas. Things are done the same way month after month, year after year. Have you had exactly the same Christmas services in consecutive years? 

Another aspect is that we would rather the church on the cover of the church on the corner. We are too quick to pack something that seems to work for other churches to see if it will meet the needs of people who could participate. This is starting to make our church identity.