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Home Health Care Vs Facility Placement – Options in ElderCare


Facility living is becoming a popular choice due to the current family structure and financial difficulties associated with eldercare. Families and professionals should intervene if an elder is unable to carry out basic daily activities. Professionals cannot be informed of elder troubles by the state without taking reasonable steps to ensure their safety. You can hire the best home assistance services for your elders.

An elder may not be safe in their own home due to many factors. You can start by asking yourself the following question: "Could this person save themselves if their house was on fire?" Are they able to call 911 to report their location? Are they at risk of financial exploitation or physical abuse if left alone? Are they able to provide for their nutritional and hygiene needs? Many Americans who are elderly and live alone in the United States will find that the answer is "NO".


Independence vs. Isolation

The elderly clients, who tried so hard to live independently at home, ended up living in isolation with only occasional visits from their family and friends. 

Unmarried people are more likely to be left alone and fall on the ground for many days. Unmarried people may make poor decisions such as storing (or worse) spoiled food in their refrigerators.

A person who lives alone may not notice any symptoms of illness, even if they are only there for a few minutes. Some people miss appointments and leave prescriptions unfilled. People often feel they are doing something to honor their elderly loved ones by letting them live on their own, even though there are obvious signs of self-neglect.