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Google Advertising Made Simple For Small Businesses

Online advertising spending has overtaken TV advertising in the last year, with the majority of it being spent on Google AdWords. This clearly shows that SMEs must learn how to master Google to survive and grow online.

Google Advertising has clear advantages over offline: low cost, high-level control, high measurability, and accurate geo-targeting. You can also react quickly to improve your performance. For digital advertising, you can also contact google ads agency at

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There are many issues that SMEs face. They have limited time and money. A recent survey found that 46% of respondents didn't feel they understood how to optimize campaigns. 39% said they don’t have the time or the knowledge to run campaigns effectively. 

Five-two percent said that their campaigns weren't profitable. 54% of respondents stated they get traffic but little conversions to actual business.

Fear is another factor. This fear can be caused by an overwhelming amount of questions, such as: whether to use Google Search or Network, an agency or run campaigns directly, the best levels to spend, the ROI, banner ads, and how to use Google tools and reports to optimize campaigns.

The advantages of an agency over a direct approach to the question of agency versus direct are the knowledge you gain and the fact that campaigns can be launched the same day. There are disadvantages, such as fixed monthly fees, a percentage fee on advertising spend, and 6–12-month lock-in contracts.

It all depends on what type of advertising you are using. Search is better if the service is extremely niche or specific to a small number of keywords. Otherwise, you should choose businesses from the less expensive network that shows banner ads.