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Get General Information On Practical Nursing

A nurse is a healthcare professional that is dedicated to the care of individuals, families, and communities. 

They are responsible for the maintenance, achievement, and recovery of these people and their optimal functioning. They are able to plan, assess, evaluate, and implement care for their patients on their own.

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Nurses generally have a wider scope of practice than nurses who work in specific fields. They work in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices. 

As occupational health practitioners, they can work in schools and as educators. Some work as consultants in the legal, healthcare, and insurance industries.

Nursing duties

  • Perform investigatory procedures, such as taking a medical history and monitoring vital signs

  • Perform minor operations, such as sutures and administer vaccinations to infants. Routine procedures include eye washing, dressings application and removal, wound treatment, and ear syringing.

  • conduct first registration checks

  • Provide contraceptive advice and contraceptive devices, such as IUDs and condoms, as directed by a physician

  • Offer cervical smears and pregnancy tests

  • Take urine and blood samples for laboratory examinations

  • Offer to advice and information about weight control, blood pressure, heart conditions, and other topics

  • Offer advice and travel vaccinations

  • First and emergency treatment

  • Maintain and restock consult rooms and other clinical areas

  • Take accurate notes and write down all consultations and treatments. Keep these details on a chart or note for the patient.