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Get Back on Your Feet After Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery recovery should be taken as seriously as the surgery itself by the patient. Proper care of the foot after the procedure can help to reduce the time it takes until normal activities may be resumed.

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Bunion Surgery

Recovery from bunion surgery takes time because the surgery itself may cut and reattach ligaments or remove parts of the bone. This major procedure requires at least several weeks up to a year to fully recover. Depending on what the doctor had to do to correct the bunion problem, the recovery time may be different. The doctor will specify a recovery time for the individual patient and offer a personalized timeline for various points in the recovery process.

Immediately After Surgery

Bunion surgery tends to be a single-day event for most patients who can sleep in their own bed the night after the procedure. Pins and stitches may be left in place after the surgery. The patient must keep the stitches on the foot dry when bathing with a plastic bag over the foot. Stitches stay in the foot for up to three weeks, after which, the patient has them removed by the doctor. Pins for holding the bones in place may be left in the foot for between three and six weeks.


The doctor may recommend that no weight be put on the foot for several weeks. During this time, when seated, the patient should keep the foot propped up to avoid swelling. Some doctors may suggest the patient wear a supportive walking boot to keep the bones, ligaments, and tissues in place as healing continues when the patient begins walking again.

Recovery Time

Patients who receive bunion surgery must be ready for the recovery period, which may last between six weeks and six months. The exact amount of time for recovery depends on the techniques used during the surgery and how well the patient follows the doctor's post-surgery.