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Flying your Drone for the First Time? Consider these Tips in the Beginning

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Before flying a drone for the first time, it is important to register your drone before you start flying. However, amateurs make a ton of mistakes. For instance; before learning the basics, amateurs start flying without understanding about directions. Another mistake they make is underestimating the flying laws. Before you start flying even though you are excited, these are the first things to do.

  1. Understand the Capacity of the Drone’s Battery – Drone batteries are something you should be aware of especially when it comes to the capacity. For instance; 20mins mentioned by the company is on the paper. However, when flying real time, the battery does not last for the entire 20mins and instead lasts for a period of 15 to 16mins roughly. Make sure you don’t fly your new drone as soon as you get your hands-on.
  2. Understand Setting Home Location – Every drone is equipped with a feature called Return-to-Home. This feature helps the drone to fly back to the location which had taken off from. This is a safety feature as it helps the drone to land safely without you playing with the joysticks.
  3. Understand the Weather – Weather also plays a role when it comes to flying drones. It is crucial that the weather stays clear before you take-off the drone. Also, drones are not waterproof which can easily get damaged. Therefore, ensure the weather is clean before flying.

These are beginner flying tips to consider before flying one. In the city of Perth, drone services are offered by professionals. Consider learning few from them as well.