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Ensure A Successful PLM Data Migration – Choose the Right Service Provider

While migration and integration are facts of life for all companies because they move from the old to the newer applications, actual migration is often associated with various complexities.

And that's no different when the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool is involved. There is a lot that goes into planning and implementing data migration from the current legacy system to the new target PLM platform. You can browse to know more about data migration.

Because existing company data contains a large portion of their intellectual property, the success of adopting a new PLM system is highly dependent on migrating existing data effectively in a smart, precise and timely manner.

Customer Data Platform

Data migration brings many problems to the forefront. Most PLM vendors use informal processes to migrate physical files, with little attention to actual meta-data around parts and documents.

In addition, there are other challenges faced in data migration, the biggest challenge is how to integrate product data throughout the product life cycle. When data is migrated, there is a need to:

· Reformat the data in the right way to make sure the recipient's application can use it

· Comply with security rules that can be made in several applications

· Make sure the data mapping is done so that it can be properly placed into the new application

· Clean data so that it retains its value and integrity when transferred

With migration issues being dealt with poorly, and most PLM vendors are not in the business of cleaning and repairing data, although this is a mandatory requirement, finding the right PLM vendor can be difficult.

You need a service provider who can offer a smart approach to migrating PDM data in the context of applications and processes by helping customers in planning, evaluating, and suggesting the right migration approach.