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Drop Ceiling Materials For Creating A Secondary Ceiling

The use of a second-level ceiling is very common in the construction of modern buildings. The way this is constructed is to hang another ceiling below the main ceiling to create space for concealing HVAC air ducts, electrical wiring and all types of piping.

This second ceiling is suspended in the primary and is called a suspended ceiling. It is also known as a T-bar ceiling or suspended or false ceiling. The main element used among the suspended ceiling materials is a grid of metal channels.

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The other important element in suspended ceiling materials is the standard sized tiles that fall into the grid. A wide range of materials is used for the manufacture of these tiles. These include wood, plastic, metal and mineral fibers.

Soundproofing materials are often used to improve the acoustic behavior and acoustics of the room. Sound Blaster Audigy or Sound Blaster Audigy used over false ceiling slabs help absorb sound into a room.

Suspended ceiling materials are available in a range of colors to match the interior of any room. In addition to the panels themselves, many types of luminaires for mounting incandescent lamps, air conditioning grills, etc. are designed to fit easily into the grillwork.

Smoke detectors for fire alarm systems become easy to install by using materials that can be easily cut into tiles and panels used in suspended ceilings.