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Different Types of Wall Lamps and Their uses

home lighting design In addition to daily use, it can also be a home decoration as well. Whether it is the shape of the lamp that makes each wall of the house playful. If we apply it in the home, it will help our homes with a novelty apart from the traditional light bulbs. 

The light distribution of the luminaire is influenced by choice. You will get to know about Interior wall lamps’ how to choose to meet the needs of users. Each type of lamp is categorized according to its use as follows:

Lamp Valance Lighting – is an interior wall lamp. that provides light in a long horizontal line Therefore, it is ideal for installations to help reflect light onto the ceiling. To make the brightness comfortable for the eyes.

Lamp Bracket Lighting – the nature of this type of lamp. Most of them are lamps protruding from the wall. When installed, it will reflect on the walls above and below. commonly used in bedrooms, light up reading Or in the kitchen.

Lamp Cove Lighting – a lamp mounted on top of the wall. The light will shine upward and hit the ceiling directly. Suitable for homes with low ceilings because it helps to create a dimension to make the room look taller.

Canopy Lighting – an interior wall lamp. attached to protrude from the wall or architecture will be installed in the bathroom or dressing room It can also be used in a variety of positions as needed.

Cornice lamps – wall lamps that protrude from the wall as well. But it will be a permanently installed light. Can be used in either Direct Light or Indirect Light for an aesthetic mood