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Dementia Care In Auckland

It takes a special kind of person to be a caregiver for people with dementia. Dementia patients have specific needs and challenges that must be fulfilled by caregivers.

It's not a job that everyone can do well, yet those with dementia or Alzheimer's need top-notch caregivers. 

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Caregivers who provide the best care for dementia residents will be empathetic, well trained, experienced, professional, and compassionate.


Caregivers of dementia patients must have the ability to imagine themselves in their patient's shoes.

This quality is essential so dementia caregiver staff treat their patients with the respect and care that they deserve.


Caregivers need to be highly trained to properly deal with all of the challenging situations that may arise when taking care of those with dementia.

Dementia patients require a higher level of care than those with other sorts of diseases. For example, people with dementia often undergo personality changes that can lead to aggression, suspicion, agitation, inappropriate virtualization, and wandering.

Training can help caregivers gain the knowledge and skills needed to help deal with the needs and behaviors of dementia sufferers.

Most dementia care protocols now follow what is known as person-centered care, which prioritizes treating all patients as individuals worthy of respect, dignity, and when possible, privacy.