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Cyber Security Tips for Small and Medium Business

Keeping business data secure is a major concern of businesses today. Due to growing security breaches in some companies, data security against unwanted intrusion is on everyone's lips. No matter how big or small IT security is the biggest challenge for companies.

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For small and medium enterprises, the impact of the security threat is even greater. Cybercriminals like to target small businesses, especially because SMEs are incapable of implementing strong security protocols.

Nothing is 100% secure, but at the same time SMBs can enhance the security environment by gaining a clear understanding of their external presence on the network and ensuring that it is protected by penetration testing, and by minimizing exposure to actions.

What is a data breach and how does it occur?

A data breach is an incident where sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information may have been viewed, stolen, or used by unauthorized persons. The most common data breach concept is that hackers break into the network to steal sensitive data.

A number of industry guidelines and government compliance regulations require strict management of sensitive or personal data to prevent data breaches. This is a scenario where your company or organization's data is stolen.

If we go into the company folder and find that all the information is missing, the client files, log files and billing information are at risk. Then it becomes clear that your company has fallen victim to a data breach cyber attack.