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Comic Book Appraisal – How to Reliably Value Your Comics

The value of a particular comic depends on the series and edition of the comic, and the condition or grade of the comic. There are different approaches to evaluating comics and their advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide which approach is best for you. 

Your comic's issue number must be on the cover. If you don't see it, you can also find it in the information that is meant to be published somewhere in the comic, usually within or on the first page. This information also includes the edition of your comic. The can provide you the best comics which can make your mind fresh and informative.

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It's harder to rank your comics. One way is to send your comics to comic review companies like bdweb. Rating companies offer the most reliable comic book ratings, but you have to pay them a fee. While some people sent their comics out of curiosity, for most people it was not worth the price. If you want to sell comics, it may be worth posting them, as professionally rated comics usually sell for a higher price.

Even in this situation, however, the higher selling price cannot justify the rating fee. If you check auction websites like eBay to compare the sale prices of comics against professional and non-professional ratings, you can see if the professional ratings are worth it.

Another way to evaluate your comics is to take them to the nearest comic book store or dealer. In most cases, they will rate comics for free, but their opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt. You may be trying to assume that your comic is in worse shape than it is. So buy it cheap from you. Not all traders will do this, but it is still important to make a decision based not only on their advice to protect yourself.