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Christian Camp Center – Three Steps To Choosing The Right Location

If you are new to the planning of a retreat, these three steps will move you through a deliberate process, and help you to get out of the box and think creatively.

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1. Be creative, engage others, and develop new experiences.

Find out what you need, interest, or challenge members of your group are facing now. Planning with the creative team, and not alone. Bringing new members to the planning team retreats every year, and then have to live, personally, brainstorming sessions where every idea is allowed and considered the benefit from the excitement .

2. Be very clear on the needs of your time, your schedule, accommodation, and your budget.

Knowing what you want to happen, and when, during the retreat, it will really help you choose the best camp for your center, and also help staff the center of the camp getting ready to serve you. Being clear about how many will attend, a special diet or sleeping arrangements, certain types of media equipment that you need, and when your presentation session will take place is very important.

3. After a well prepared now allows you to choose the best camp center.

Now that you have put a good effort into making the show, and you are very clear on everything you need, seeing a wide selection of camp centers will be easier and more effective. The camp will now be able to tell you when and how they can accommodate you, and even before you contact a camp, you can now narrow down your choices by first visiting the site camp facility.