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Cenote Angelita – A Cavern Dive Like No Other

Cenote Angelita is famed because of its hydrogen sulfide. Divers explain this coating resembles an underground river in 100ft. Cenote Angelita, located at the Riviera Maya in Mexico, is quite a place unlike any other.

This area is also known as  "little angel," and it is found approximately 10 to 15 minutes south of Tulum. For it, you need to undergo a lush jungle atmosphere. And when you find this place, you will be truly impressed by the awe-inspiring elegance of it and its deep blue water. To know more about cenote angelita diving  you can visit

cenote angelita diving

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You will also understand why divers from all over the globe choose the place to get a dip, which they will not ever forget. A cenote is a kind of pit or deep sinkhole. Open sinkholes link one to the groundwater under and make for an unforgettable experience.

Why Divers Love to know more about the Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita, particularly, is a spectacular cenote that anglers love due to hydrogen sulfide coating that you will discover in 30 meters / 100 ft. This coating makes a kind of mysterious cloud between the fresh and saltwater.

The hydrogen sulfide cloud resembles a riverbed under you, complete with big branches of trees, as well as leaves, coming out of it. To put it differently, it appears that something you'd see on there while walking through a woods in the fall or winter, but rather, you are entirely submerged underwater.