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Care Of NewBorn Calf

Calf health management of animals is a significant element of entire herd fertility. The rise of the herd might be negatively affected by diminished growth of calves, diminished milk production of animals that experienced chronic illness.

Management practices directed at identifying and resolving these very early problems will be the single most direct and economic approach to enhance calf health

 calf health

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-Clean mouth and nostrils which aids the calf to breathe and helps stop future breathing issues.

-Allow the mother to lick the calf clean which promotes circulation within the calf's body and prepares the calf to stand up and walk.

-Tie the navel cord with a ribbon at a distance of around.

-Dip the navel in 7 percent or greater tincture of iodine solution and repeat after 12 hours. (Don't use teat dip or poorer iodine options ). A badly preserved navel is your gateway to acute ailments.

-A new born calf ought to be given two litres of colostrum within the first 2 hours of arrival and 1-2 litres (according to size) over 12 hours of arrival.

-Feeding colostrum following 24 hours of arrival might not assist the calf to ward off infections.

-A calf must get sufficient colostrum to safeguard it from ailments for the initial 3 weeks of its lifetime. -Once the animal is 3 weeks old, get in touch with the vet for vaccination.

-Offer calf starter from 2-8 weeks to get superior growth and early adulthood.