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Can A Sedation Dentist Open The Door To Better General Health?

Are you afraid or afraid of dental work? You're not alone – research shows that about 3 in 4 people have this level of anxiety in their teeth.

Worst of all, however, 5-10% of people ignore necessary dentistry because of this! However, we hope that wider use of dental sedatives will further help these people get the dental care they need. You can also look for sedation dental doctor in Bend Oregon online.

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Over the past two decades, there has been a growing body of evidence linking oral health to general personal health.

For example, several studies have found a link between poor cardiovascular health and periodontal disease. The existence of a link is rarely refuted, and several studies have shown periodontal disease to be a contributing factor.

Although the final verdict on this matter is not yet known, why take the risk? The astute dentist who observes periodontal disease is rapidly interested in the family history of heart disease.

Sedation Dentistry – Safety

To help more patients with dental care, an increasing number of state dental regulators are turning to the council to help the public gain more confidence in the use and safety of sedative dentistry.

Many states have regulations requiring the Dental Council to certify that sedating dentists have attended recent and approved sedation training and have sufficient experience.

If you neglect the necessary dental care, it is more important than dental health. If you have a fear of teeth keeping you from getting the treatment you need, see a qualified sedative dentist who can work with you to help overcome that fear.