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Becoming a Police Officer – Is it For You?

Being a cop is a big decision. You will continue to be challenged both physically and mentally every day. You will also be given a large amount of power over civilians and will be met with resistance often. Whether you decide to become a police officer when you are young or when you are older there are several steps to achieve this goal. A career in public service is challenging and satisfying for those who can make it through a competitive process. You can find police academy training via

The first step to becoming a police officer is to get an education. Most police departments require a basic high school diploma but an associate or bachelor's degree will give you more leverage against the competition. There are some colleges that offer criminal justice programs for people who want to become a policeman. These programs better prepare someone for public services by introducing you to topics such as human behavior, legals issues and more. The more experience you have the better your applications will look.

In addition to being a strong mental one officer also must be physically strong. Being an officer is a very physical job so as to keep themselves physically fit through exercise will help you with your goals. After you apply you will take a physical exam that will test not only your fitness level, but also your strength, vision, and hearing. Then you will be required to take and pass a background check, drug test and a polygraph.

After completing and passing all physical tests, you will need to take the exam. After passing this exam you will be sent to the police academy, a program that lasts from four months to one year. The program includes physical training, job classes, job training and safety, and some first aid training.