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All About Vitamin Tablet Manufacturers

A lot of Americans, both adults and children, take vitamins or other nutritional supplements. Supplements can also contain vitamins and other dietary ingredients such as herbs, minerals, and enzymes.

The Dietary Supplement Label: The Supplement Facts label lists active ingredients and the dose per serving. It also includes other ingredients such as flavorings, binding agents, and fillers. Although the vitamin capsules manufacturers recommends a serving size, your healthcare provider may decide that a different serving size is better for you.

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Supplements can help you obtain the essential nutrients you need if you don’t eat a varied diet. The Dietary Guidelines for the US are excellent resources of information about healthy eating habits.

Some dietary supplements may be able to improve your overall health or help you manage certain health conditions. Take, for example:

  • Calcium and vitamin D help maintain strong bones and decrease bone loss.

  • Folic Acid reduces the chance of certain birth defects.

Safety purpose

Supplements can contain active ingredients that have powerful effects on the body. Be aware of the potential for a negative reaction when you take a new supplement.


Good manufacturing practices (GMPs), as established by the FDA, are guidelines that companies must adhere to in order to ensure the integrity, strength, and composition of their dietary supplements.

Many independent organizations provide quality testing. This indicates that the product was correctly manufactured and contains all the ingredients on the label.