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All About Five Elements Of African Art

There are five elements of African art that are used to describe aesthetics. African art is so complex and  simple at the same time that its elements cannot grasp its true meaning and purpose. 

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But people needed a way to classify and define art, and that's why they narrowed down the basic elements of African art to:

  • Similarity to a human figure to convey ideas.
  • Brightness, which represents shiny and illegal skin.
  • Youth, which symbolizes vitality and fertility.
  • Accept behavior that represents someone in control.
  • Balance and proportion by selecting materials.

The last element, which includes balance, proportion and choice of materials, is perhaps the only element that matches elements of Western art. Four other elements are used to describe the art of intuitive, religious, and aesthetic value to people in different parts of Africa. 

The five elements of African art define the characteristics by which Africans are invaded to connect with the visible and invisible worlds in which they live. African art has not always been valued by Westerners, but that has changed dramatically. 

The review comes with the understanding that African art is not just meant to be hung on a wall and observed from a distance. African art functions and is an essential part of everyday life. The most common objects have a meaning and purpose that turns them into art.