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3D Vs 2D: What Makes A Three-Dimensional Character Different

Of course, no one is going to arrange a battle between 2D and 3D worlds: each of them has the right to exist. However, 3D models have several advantages over their 2D counterparts, especially when creating games, movies or cartoon characters. The most significant advantages of 3D characters are:


3D models make it possible to achieve every level of detail from simple sketches to photographic accuracy. You can also take a look at the site here to get more information about 2D and 3D characters.

Animation freedom

3D symbols are easy to set up because they are already modelled in three-dimensional space and do not need to be redrawn in different poses to show new movements.

Easy to customize

The finished model can be easily adapted and added thanks to the additional functionality of modern software and is quickly updated if necessary.


Three-dimensional models of characters look much more colorful, lively and solid than two-dimensional images and can be viewed from different angles.

Despite the fact that the environment is also important for the perception of the game – it determines the atmosphere and feeling of the virtual world – the character remains the most important memory factor.

The visual appeal of the characters, their main features, habits, motivations and moral principles – during the game, players, consciously or not, identify with their characters and become an integral part of them for some time. In order for the characters to be worthy of being projected onto the player's personality, the artists went to great lengths to create each one.